Internet News
WINTER 1996 - 1997

Firesign's Internet newsgroup, alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre, has been abuzz lately with comments and postings about the guys and what the fans would like to see released on CD. Check out the site for the latest news, "Planet Proctor", used Firesign Lp sales, Firesign spottings, links to the many Firesign related web pages, up and coming events, Firezine up-dates, chat sessions, blab, spam, etc. and Anythynge You Want To add your 2 cents worth.

Many Firesign related sites can be scoped out by searching on their group and individual names. Even Firezine has an entry or two. You can spend hours of fun and frustration checking them out. We've got a links page all our own up on this site, with as many sites as we could dig up. Report back to us on your favorite sites, or if you know of one (maybe even your own?) we should include.

Phil Austin informs us that he has been working with the pagemasters at Lodestone on an official, official Firesign Theatre web page. Look for it to be up and running soon.

Peter Bergman's face has been plastered all over the Internet. Click here for a nice picture of the Bergmans out for a Sunday drive in the family Barbie Corvette. Or just direct your search engines on his name and check out the results. No that's not him appearing in "The Young and Restless" hits, that's somebody else. Peter informs us that he does occasionally get requests to appear at shopping malls and such but encounters that unspoken disappointment when they find out it's the wrong Bergman. We think he should show up anyway.

Firezine hopes to have it's web page up and drumming as soon as the goon running things gets on his rear-end and beats it out and gets his favorite cyber geek John Turner to come over and waltz him through it. John has helped get Firezine's computer, donated by Mark Garland, up to Internet capacity.