Firezine News
WINTER 1997/98

FRANKLY SPEAKING: Freditor Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr. had to put Firezine on hold for several months as he barn stormed every Spamlet and town from Coast to Coast with his lectures and presentations to packed enthusiastic houses of the first movie version of "Frankenstein" filmed by the Edison Studios in 1910, and mercilessly hawking his self-printed appropriately titled book, "Edison's Frankenstein". Wiebel was able to meet many Fireheads during his travels and hang out with several of his childhood heroes like fantasy film maker Ray Harryhausen and Famous Monster editor Forest J. Ackerman at such venues as "The Monster Bash" in Pittsburgh, helping to unveil the US Postal Service's "Monster Stamp" series, Cinecon 33 in Hollywood, banqueting with controversial film maker Leni Reifensthal, and Jr. Coughlin, re-voiced Billy Batshit of "J-Men Forever". The big guy spent Halloween with the 'Daughter of Frankenstein', Sarah Karloff, at "Frankenstein Friday" in NYC accompanied by Firesign video archivist Alan Gross, and kicking off the Frankenstein film series at The National Institutes of Health's marvelous year long exhibition "Frankenstein: Penetrating The Secrets Of Nature" running until 8/15/98 at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD.

VISIT TO PLANET PROCTOR: During his travels, the Freditor was able to land at Planet Proctor where he was graciously received, martinied, dined and taken to a show by Firesign ambassador Phil Proctor and his lovely and charming first lady, Melinda Peterson, in between all of our commitments. Wiebel had the privilege of spending several afternoons with Mr. Proctor at his embassy, under the spreading elephant tree, being buzzed by hummingbirds as they went through and organized his immense collection of photos, files and documents pertaining to his long outstanding theatrical career. The Pooper himself wrote and recorded several spots for the Firezine Website and did a reading from Planet Proctor, "How To Sing The Blues" for Wiebel's hostings of WKMZ's "Blue Notes" radio show. A full detailed report will be presented in Firezine #5.

THE ICE MAN COMETH: Peter Bergman took out time from his busy schedule to drive over to Planet Proctor to meet with the Freditor and divulge his secret plans for marketing the new album and laying out where Firezine will fit in. Wiebel was melted by the warm disarming comradery of the Dear Friends on their home turf feeling enveloped into the fold and sparked by the infectious enthusiasm displayed over the new Rhino album.

FUNDRAISING: Firezine held a successful Internet Auction of autographed Firesign Theatre Albums, and collectibles signed by the group to help keep the magazine afloat. Keep checking the newsgroup and website for future postings and offerings. We want to thank all of those who donated and bid on items.

FED UP: The Freditor spent several long grueling sessions at DC Audio with John "Daily Feed" Dryden salvaging Phil Austin's Nick Danger recordings from the late '80s. See article later this issue.

CD HAPPENINGS: Firezine Asst. Editor Chris (The Record Detective) Palladino has been in the studio recording his latest album "If I'm Dreaming". He persuaded the Firesign Theatre to do some voicings for one of his original pieces, "Love Today".

WHAT'S UP DOC: Thomas O'Neill (Doc Technical) has taken over the re-igns of Firezine's website, re-upgrading, re-designing and re-working under the lash of the Freditor while re-doing a fantastic re-job with timely re-postings. Re-check it out periodically re: the latest Firesign news and Doc's technical advice about Firesign computering. Re-send him your questions at the site Re: Doc Tech.

ARCHIVALS: So many readers have sent archival Firesign items, articles and recordings that we don't have the time, space or patience to list them all here or keep track of them, but promise to do so on the website. We want to thank all of you very much. Please continue to augment our collection and we'll report on the rarer items. Also please write your name on the tape inserts so big brain Freditor will remember who to credit and thank. Those who have already sent items, please remind us. Also Richard Campbell acquired for us Mama Cass' 1968 LP "Dream A Little Dream of Me" featuring Phil Austin and put us on the scent about this discovery (see article). Eric Villesvik sent his hilarious "Not Another Talk Show", starring Phil Proctor, available from Lodestone 1-800-411-MIND, Little Jack Melody sent his CD "Charmed Life" with David Ossman, PO Box 1065, Denton, TX 76202,, Jerry Sterns sent the "Twin Cities Radio Workshop '97" tape with David Ossman Sundazed sent "Sagittarius: Present Tense" (SC11053) CD featuring Firesign in '67, PO Box 85, Coxsackie, NY 12051 and John Dryden sent his fantastic annual "Daily Feed Newsreel 1997 No Controlling Legal Authority" or Jessica Sowin of Sony / Legacy sent "The Notorious Byrd Brothers" CD CK 65151. Firezine highly recommends all these products. For a free plug send your commercial releases.