SENATOR THOMPSON: (aside) Alright, Senator Wright, we're about ready to start. Who's on first?

SENATOR WRIGHT: That's right.


SENATOR WRIGHT: That's correct.

SENATOR THOMPSON: Who's going to be questioned first?

SENATOR WRIGHT: Yes, and here he is.

SENATOR THOMPSON: Alright, then, never mind. (The witness is seated) Good day, sir.

WO: Good day.

SENATOR THOMPSON: And you are, who?

WO: No. Wong.


WO: Wong.

SENATOR WRIGHT: You're wrong?

WO: Right.

SENATOR WRIGHT: (aside) I'm sorry, Senator Thompson, it's not Hoo, I thought it was...

SENATOR THOMPSON: (aside) Well, they all look... it's understandable...

SENATOR WRIGHT: So, sir, I'm Wright, and you're Wong.

WO: That's right.

SENATOR WRIGHT: And where's Hoo?

WO: Don't know Hoo. Know Weya.

SENATOR WRIGHT: You know where Hoo is?

WO: No.

SENATOR WRIGHT: Well, you can't have it both ways... Do you know where or not?

WO: Yes, Weya - but Hoo knows Weya.

SENATOR WRIGHT: So you don't know, then...?

WO: No, Hoo knows.

SENATOR WRIGHT: Good. I'm glad we got that straightened out. (Chuckles) Now, let me ask you, who made the calls to the White House?

WO: Yes.

SENATOR WRIGHT: Who made the calls.

WO: No.

SENATOR WRIGHT: I'm asking, you tell me who called... ?

WO: Oh! Hoo called Mee.

SENATOR WRIGHT: No, who called the Whitehouse?

WO: No, no, no....

SENATOR THOMPSON: It's obvious that this witness is uncooperative.

SENATOR WRIGHT: Let me try a different approach. Sir, we'd like to try to pin down the time of this exchange - when, OK?

WO: OK, Wen.

SENATOR THOMPSON: You called when?

WO: Yes. And Hoo. And Yu called, too.

SENATOR THOMPSON: (Laughs) I have called the President myself upon numerous occasions, but that is hardly the issue. So, let's get back to when.

WO: Hoo called Wen.


WO: OK. Next question.

SENATOR THOMPSON: What do you mean, Mr. Wong, you haven't answered this one yet!

WO: Wong answer...


SENATOR WRIGHT: Let me try. We want to know who called you - when.

WO: I tell you already.


WO: Oh - How!


WO: I know How.

SENATOR WRIGHT: Ah. Now we're getting somewhere. Tell us - how.

WO: I'm Wong!

SENATOR WRIGHT: You're wrong?

WO: Right.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Let me give it a shot, gentlemen. You're saying what?

WO: Hwat has nothing to do with it.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Sir, we need to know who, what, where, when and how.

WO: OK. Weya was with Hoo, Hwen and Hao.


WO: No, sir. Hwat had nothing to do with it. It was Wei - out of control.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Who was out of control?

WO: Wei, out.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Alright, way out of control.

WO: That's right.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: So who, then, was responsible.

WO: I told you, it was Yu!

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Sir, let's try to keep my political Party out of this discussion, OK?

WO: Sure...

SOUTHERN SENATOR: So you refused to answer me...

WO: I tell Yu everything, but Yu no tell Mee.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Tell you - what?

WO: Hwat? No, he tell Yu-wenn and Hao!

SENATOR THOMPSON: That's it! (Gavel) Get him out of here! (Commotion) Next witness! Now - what's your name?

HA: Mee Ha.

SOUTHERN SENATOR: Are you making fun of this committee, suh?

HA: (Pointing to self) Mee Ha! Ha! Ha!

SENATOR THOMPSON: (Commotion) Order! (gavel pounds) Order!

SENATOR WRIGHT: Here we go again...