Letters To The Freditor

Just, folks, a fretter to the leditor:

Dear Friends, it has been my extreme pleasure to have been communicating with Mr. Wiebel (he wobbles, but he won't fall down. Just right over) during the recent auction of FST goodies. I, for one, took advantage of the opportunity to contribute to what my friend and I call "La Causa" and incidentally have now in my possession an autographed copy (by all 4 or 5) of "Dwarf" which is suitable for framing. However, the frame up has not yet occurred, no thanks to you, Danger, so I just wanted to say that we need more support, for more students, for More Science High! And more raw material (Raw, raw, raw. That's the spirits) and stop tracking Mudhead across my nice clean floor! Now, while I go upstairs to help Porcelain make the bed, will you all join me, as I've joined me, to thank Fred for his outstanding contributions to disseminating (or artificially inseminating, as it were) news, views and reviews of our favorite cast of characters. Freddy has done an excellent job, and continues to do so. It's time we got him out of that gook village. Let's buy some shit from him, Mrs. Presky. Some really great shit! Let's all pitch in and let's hear it for me!

Tiny Dr. Tim
(abroad the paisley horsey)


Dear Freditor,

I hear you're looking for an Intern to help getting off your magazine. I blew my last job but am now looking to get ahead. I can take dictation and swallow all the pride it takes. I don't mind getting down on my knees and using some real elbow grease to do the hands on work it takes to lick all comers. They'll be no staff between us that's too big I can't handle as I'm experienced in servicing all members of an organization. I can drive your vans so hard that everyone will stand up and take notice. Please let me know what's up as I'm chomping at the bit to work your tools to hammer it down and blast it off as quickly as possible.

Monica Bluhimski



Dear Firezine,

I thought you might find interesting a fact I stumbled over while reading Stuart Bailey's "The Ballad of the Thin Man", a book about the life of the lead singer of Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott. It seems he was a big fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes series of books. As described on page 82 of Bailey's book, Phil would laugh and roar out load when listening to the Firesign Theatre's "The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra'. Apparently, this was on tour in Germany in 1974, and it was one of Phil Lesh's favorites.
For your information, the book was published by Boxtree Press in 1996, the copyright being held by Thin Lizzy Ltd., and it's ISMN is 0 7522 0395 9. Love the 'zine, keep up the good work. More Sugar! Cordially,

Dale A. Hough Ellicott City, MD


HERE'S A REPLY FROM ASST. EDITOR CHRIS PALLADINO: I saw Thin Lizzy open for Queen at Cole Field House on the College Park campus of The University Of Maryland in 1977. Imagine my surprise as the house lights went down and two blue police beacons mounted on either side of the stage lit, when from the sound system drifted the opening strains of side one of "In The Next World You're On Your Own". The piece played out through the lines "You're not afraid are you? Course you are --- so am I". On that cue Lizzy launched into the title track of their "Jailbreak" Lp. Trying to convey my knowledge of what had just played to my uninitiated friends proved useless.