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The Big Decision is now yours!

Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death, the new Firesign Theatre recording on Rhino Records, hit the streets 9/8/1998 - less than 500 days before "The Big To Do", The Millennial Meltdown, Y2K, etc. etc. So don't blame a bunch of monks sitting around tables drinking Benedictine and makin' up numbers and dates for all our problems. Don't babble on about Babylon. Don't revel in Revelations. Don't rank on Nostradamus for quacking out those quatrains. The Millennium is really virtual and real virtually in every computer and time-coded chip stashed in every appliance in virtually every home, office and military industrial complex. We're talking survival here! So by all by any and all means do not hesitate to bunker down, scout out and acquisition every copy of "GMIOGMD" before it and your CD player goes zeros or ...(?). We virtually don't know, really.

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The 4 or 5 Krazy Guyz thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to re-unite, record a new album and save the world. Also perhaps to make a few bucks before the cascading computer crash zeros their bank accounts. Rhino Records submitted and set the boys up at Sunburst Studio in LaLa Land, to record a new fool blown El Nino mind bending album. Firezine has been following and reporting all of the action from before the beginning. We've posted notices and exclusive photos as we get them; from the first writing sessions, meetings with the Big Suits at Rhino, recording studio happenings, mastering, photo shoots, listening parities, all the way to the release date and beyond. Firezine staffers have also revitalized our sister website as a creative cyber pallet for Firesign Theatre activity. Firezine will continue to be the gateway between the group and the fans and will keep everybody up to date with our Currant News and published magazine.

Give Me Immortality
Or Give Me Death Firesign Theatre

Rhino Records R2 75509

"It's actually funny", says Firezine head cheese Fred Wiebel, Jr. better known to his legions of fans and small rubber insects as the "Freditor". When asked for further details it responded, "It doesn't mean a hill of beans what I have to say! You better go out and buy the CD yourself or if you're like me, and you better hope you're not, you're going to have to spend 4 or 5 years hounding the 4 or 5, pound them with phony phone calls, put out their official official magazine and website, bug them with beggings for material and photos, worm your way into their hearts and demand an advance copy or you'll spill the beans on the whole deal."

Unfortunately, Mr. Wiebel spilled the beans on his nice clean kitchen floor and ruined his meal. "I don't usually bother to heat them up but this is a special occasion.", Wiebel garbled as he injected himself with cranberry juice. "It keeps my kidney beans so stoned I don't have to stand on my head to whiz, like Benjy Franklyn", a fellow historical publishing maggot, also once struck dumb by lightning. Wiebel was then struck dumb if not dumber by getting a bean stuck up his nose. Further comments by the Freditor are not printable, if this is printing, or are at least unspellable to your slightly dyslexic typist.

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OK, that out of the way, we can finally get to the Firezine's detailed "Digital Diary" tracking the entire process of this project. RightHere you'll find the latest details and photos siphoned off the cyberwaves, jet streaming at you in SideRealTime form FiresignWorld. Always never forget to check out our Currant News: Herded From The Grapevine for additional pix and clix. Don't be LeftOut, come RightBack, and do it everyday!

6/23/98: Foto Shoot Et Cetera: News From Proc
6/19/98: USA Today!
5/26/98: Musical Titles
4/24/98: Masters Of Now & Preliminary Album Credits
3/26/98: Mixing It Up
3/17/98: Home Stretch
3/3/98: Pull My String
3/2/98: Needledrops
2/28/98: Just A Quick Update
2/22/98: Phil and the Theremin
2/21/98: Four Old Hippies
2/14/98: Phil & Phil
2/7/98: It's - ALIVE!
2/5/98: From The Top
1/29/98: A Verifiable State of Actuality
1/24/98: Meeting With Rhino
1/23/98: Phone Interview w/Austin
1/21/98: Ossman

Pix From Proc - 4/13/98

Pix From Proc - 3/18/98

Pix From Peter Bergman - 3/12/98

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