News from Principal Poop

Phil Proctor writes:

"We'll be out of studio til the 14th or so, so I'll have more time to communicate (I hope). We're halfway through the latest adventure, producing as we go along (which is different from the last) because we'll have to do TWO mixes for the CD and DVD - and that also means that we're adding more effects than usual so we can whiz them around and around and over and under you. Oh, boy!

"The album is still titled 'Billville' (without a 'subtitle', although I'm now lobbying for 'We're all cats in this bag . . .')

"We also will not be released in time for this year's Grammy consideration, which is probably fine anyway, since a Rhino boxed set of Stan Freberg will likely win, so look for a DVD/CD release in October (?) possibly supported by an East coast tour of some sort.

"We're also going to be contacting Dr. Technical to see if we can set up a merchandising page on the Firesign site to unload those pesky tees and rude and silly hats!

"Enough news to choke a horse leech?

"Much love to all"