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 The Firesign Track-ography

Who am they and what have they done?

The Firesign Theatre Track Listing - Beginning to 1973:

 Peter Bergman
  • 8 / 31 / 1956
    Attention Convention  /
    - Four Candidates  (7" 45rpm S)
    Four Candidates: Peter Bergman, Jerry Wininger, Bobby Fisher, Bruce Berger
    Producer: Buddy Zellman
    Side A
    Attention Convention (2:00)
    Buddy Records 1004

Big As A Mountain /
- Jim Faraday  (7" 45RPM S)
Buddy Records

Peter Bergman And Phil Proctor

Tom Jones - Original Cast    (2lp)
[ P.P.- Tom Jones ]    [ P.B. Lyrics Only]
Based On The Novel By Henry Fielding
Recording Produced By Peter Hunt And Michael Levine
Entire Production Directed By William Francisco
Book Byaustin Pendleton
Music By Robert Archer
Lyrics By Peter Bergman And Joseph Mathewson
Musical Direction, Vocal Arrangements And Orchestrations By Arthur Rubinstein
Philip G. Proctor, Winthrop Brainerd, Mary Jane Wilson, Arden Staroba, Alfred Goldfield, Joseph Mathewson, Dennis Longwell, Judy Williams, Peter Saccio, Robert Driscoll, Virginia Meadow, Frances Tarson, J. Jewett Maclise, Bill Stot, Joanna Glass, Carol Rothbart, Caryl Stern, Louise Shaffer, Sally Ordway, Roderick Dew, John Stewart, Barbara Bossert, Dan Neary, Clyde Holt, Jeff Barnow, Gordon Fairburn, Skip Hinnant, Stallworth Larson, Tom Ligon, Henry Lyman, Boyd Murrau, Stan Riveles, Ed Shapiro

  1. Bubble Bubble
  2. Under The Allworthy Roof
  3. Sir Thomas
    We Segrim Clan
  4. Sophia's Song
  5. She Was A Maid
  6. Get That Will
  7. Waiting For Mr. Jones
  8. Charity
  9. Got The Will
  10. Infamy
  11. Bright Moon Above
  12. Quintette Finale
  13. The Homecoming Cantata
  14. Sunlight
  15. The Lament Of The Bishop's Daughter
  16. The Trunk Packing Song
  17. Battle For The Western Name
  18. Captain Tom
  19. Seagrim Clan And Infamy (Reprise)
  20. Finale
  21. Carillon Productions Mx-L80p-5436/7

Booth Is Back In Town - Original Cast   (Lp)
[P.P. - Edwin Booth, P.B. Lyrics Only]
Based On The Early Life Of Edwin Booth
Recording Produced By Peter Hunt
Recorded By J. William Goddard
Entire Production Directed By Leland Starnes
Book By Austin Pendleton
Music By James Massengale
Lyrics By Peter Bergman
Musical Direction By Jim Cunningham
Orchestrations By Gordon Emerson
Philip Proctor, Theodore L. Tarson, Frank Geraci, Peter Saccio, Mike Reed, Joan De Vita, Barbara Bossert, Richard Adessa, Joanna Glass, Alfred Goldfield, Bill Humphrey, Dick Goodyear, John M. Badham, Eleanor Evans, Virginia Meadows, Marcia Hagen, Rita Esposita, Charles Trumbill, Daniel A. Neary, Skip Hinnant, Gaston Maurin, Ives Waldo, Toby Tompkins, Lilliane Keller, Ruth England, Roger Swaybill, Henry Lyman, Rick Calleo, Mary Jane Wilson, Bill Humphrey, Barbara Palumbo, Anne Climo, Malcom Kamin, Roger Kenna, Tom Ligon, Mike Reed, Pennell Rock,  Ernesto Alvarez, Barbara Bossert, Elizabeth Cohen, Julie De Vecchioella Smith

  1. The Book Of Mr. Booth
  2. Lettin' My Feet Run Free
  3. Booth Is Back In Town
  4. Round Clear Tones
  5. The American Fireman
  6. Why Was I Born Mother Tell Me
  7. Now At The Farm
    Everybody Know
    The Southern Fried
    Booth Is Back In Town (Reprise)
    Carillon Productions M80p-8900
Peter Bergman

House Of Fire (F. J. Haydn) - (Yale Production Co.) (Lp)
Recorded Spring 1964
Yale Series Of Music

Phil Austin

Duckman (Part 1) / Duckman (Part 2) - The Buddies  (7" 45RPMS)
Narration With Instrumental Background
Directed By Charles "Bud" Dant
Produced By Gary Usher And Lamorak Productions
Written By G. Usher, P. Austin, L. Bernhardi, R. Budnick
Champion Music Corp. (Bmi)
Side A:
Duckman (Part 1) - (3:20) (L 13,971)
Side B:
Duckman (Part 2) - (3:01) (L 13,972)
Decca 31920

Phil Proctor

A Time For Singing  - Original Cast  (Lp)
[ Evan Morgan, Male Chorus ]
Based On The Book "How Green Was My Valley"
Produced By Alexander H. Cohen
Directed By Gerald Freedman
Music: John Morris
Lyrics: Gerald Freedman, John Morris
Orchestrations: Don Walker
Conductor: Jay Blackton
Philip Proctor, Ivor Emmanuel, Tessie O'shea, Shani Wallis, Laurence Naismith, Frank Griso, Elizabeth Hubbard, Brian Avery, Gene Ruppert, Harry Theyard, George Shern
Recording Producer: George Lee
Engineer: Fred Plaut
Recorded In Nyc 5 / 5 / 1966
Side One:
Come You Men (Male Chorus)
How Green Was My Valley (Ivor Emanuel, And Chorus)
Old Man John (Male Chorus)
What A Good Day Is Saturday (Tessie O'shea, And Chorus)
Someone Must Try (Ivor Emanuel And Chorus)
Oh, How I Adore Your Know (Shani Wallis)
That's What Young Ladies Do (Ivor Emanuel)
When He Looks At Me (Shani Wallis)
Far From Home (Tessie O'shea, Laurence Naismith, Frank Griso, And The Morgan Brothers)
I Wonder If (Gene Ruppert, Brian Avery, Harry Theyard,  Philip Proctor, George Shern
A Time For Singing (Tessie O'shea And Chorus)
Side Two:
Medley: Let Me Love You - I've Nothing To Give - Let Me Love You - (Reprise) - (Shani Wallis And Ivor Emanuel)
Why Would Anyone Want To Get Married (Frank Griso, Tessie O'shea, Laurence Naismith And The Morgan Brothers)
I'm Always Wrong (Shani Wallis)
There Is Beautiful You Are (Ivor Emanuel)
Three Ships (Tessie O'shea, Elizabeth Hubbard, Brain Avery, And Chorus)
Tell Her (Laurence Naismith And Frank Griso)
The Mountains Sing Back (Ivor Emanuel)
Medley: Peace Comes To Every Heart - Gone In Sarrow - How Green Was My Valley - (Reprise) - Elizabeth Hubbard, Frank Griso And Company)
Warner Bros. H-1639(Mono)

Phil Austin, David Ossman, Phil Proctor
9 / 1967
Of Cabbages And Kings - Chad And Jeremy  (Lp)
[Background Voices]
Side 2:
The Progress Suite
2. Decline
4. Fall
Columbia Cl-2671 (Mono), Cs-9471 (Stereo)

Phil Austin
The Astrology Album (Lp) - (Uncredited)
[Narration] [Poster Insert]
Produced By Gary Usher
Music Written By Gary Usher And Richard Podolor, Raul Abeyta, Tony Greco, Robert Calderwood
Music Arranged And Conducted By Gary Usher
Material Written By Phil Austin, Ron Budnick, And Gary Usher
Naration By Phile Austin, And Ron Budnick
Effects Production: Ron Budnick
Interviews With: Jeremy Clyde, David Crosby, Chad Stuart, John Merrill
Side 1
Introduction (3:04)
Aries (2:42)
Taurus (2:45)
Gemini (3:10)
Leo (3:05)
Virgo (2:55)
Side 2
Libra (3:17)
Scorpio (3:30)
Sagittarius (3:43)
Capricorn (3:19)
Aquarius (3:14)
Pisces (3:36)
Columbia Cl-2689 (Mono), Cs-9489 (Stereo)

The Firesign Theatre
1 / 1968
The Firesign Theatre Presents Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him -The Firesign Theatre  (Lp) (8t)
Produced By Gary Usher And The Firesign Theatre
Engineering: Jack Latig, Tom May
Back Cover Art: Chas B. Slackman
Side 1
Band 1 - Temporarily Humbolt County
Band 2 - W.C. Fields Forever
Band 3 - Le Trent-Huit Cunegonde
Side 2
Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him
Columbia Cl-2718 (Mono Lp), Cs-9518 (Stereo Lp), 18c-09518 (8t)

3 / 1968
The Notorious Byrd Brothers -The Byrds  (Lp)
[Battlefield Sound Effects]
Produced By Gary Usher
Side 1:
4) Draft Morning
Columbia Cs-9575

7 / 1969
The Firesign Theatre Presents How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All ? - The Firesign Theatre   (Lp) (8t)
Written, Performed And Designed By The Firesign Theatre
Produced By Cyrus Faryar
Additional Music And Organ Themes By David Grimm And The Greatful Boogies
Engineering By William Driml And Jack Latig
Album Art By Phil Proctor
Nick Danger Logo By Thad Warren
Photography By By John Rose
Beethoven By William F. Malloch
Patsy By Cathe' Cozzi
Executive Vision: John Mcclure
Grouch Marx And John Lennon Courtesy Of Groucho Marx And John Lennon
Side 1: Side A (28:27)
How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All
1. Drink To Me Only With Thine Fox (Mr. Catherwood And Ensemble)
2. The Policemen's Brawl (Officers Bradshaw And Henderson)
3. Yankee Doodle Came To Terms (All Fecal People's Chorus)
4. Uber Dubbing Over Alice ('Arry 'N' Friends)
5. You Ain't Got No Firends On The Left (Babe And The Unknown Soldiers)
6. "We're Bringing The War Back Home!" From Babes In Khaki" (Lilly Lamont*) (*Miss Lamont Courtesy Of Paranoid Pictures)
Side 2: Side A+ (28:02)
The Further Adventures Of Nick Danger
From The Archives Of The Original Firesign Theatre Radio Hour, As First Broadcast December 6, 1941. Rebroadcast Courtesy Of Loostners Bros. Soap Co.
All Selections Copyright Espeseth Music Music Music (Ascap).
Poseidon Productions, A Division Of James William Guercio Enterprises Inc.
Columbia Cs-9884(Lp), 18c-09884(8t)

Nick Danger Private Eye Case No. 666  (Firesign Theatre Promotional Lp) - The Firesign Theatre (R Lp)
Columbia Djs-29
Side 1: (Xsm 151838)
Serial 1. The Fly (3:17)
Serial 2. The Asphalt Arab (2:44)
Serial 3. The Electrician (2:45)
Serial 4. Ernie The Camel - Heijigger (3:38)
Side 2: (Xsm 151839)
Serial 5 The Straight People (3:11)
Serial 6. Lord Kitchener (3:21)
Serial 7. The Phlegm Stealers (3:32)
Serial 8. The Mighty Thorax (4:04)

Dig This - Various Artists (7" Promo 33 1/3rpm Ep)
(Picture Sleeve Has Photo Of "Hcyb" Lp Cover Among Others)
[Edited Excerpt From "Hcyb" Lp] [Stereo]
Side 2(Zsm 151792)
3. Yankee Doodle Came To Terms
Columbia  As-1

Illinois Speed Press  - Illinois Speed Press  (Lp)
[Liner Notes In Newpaper Style]
Columbia Cs-9792
11 / 1969
Station Break / Forward Into The Past  - The Firesign Theatre (7" 45 Rpm S)
(Picture Sleeve)
Produced By James William Guercio
Accompanist - David Grimm
Side A:
 Station Break (2:15) (Zsp 152356)
Side B:
 Forward Into The Past (6:00) (Zsp 152357)
Columbia 4-45052

David Ossman
Best Of Bill Cosby  - Bill Cosby    (Lp)
[Liner Notes On Back Cover]
Warner Bros. 1798

Radio Commercials For Warner Bros. 7 Arts Album Ws 1790 The Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa - The Grateful Dead (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (S39560)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:50)
Band Three: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side One)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:50)
Band Three: (:50)
Warner Bros. - Seven Arts  Pro 335

Radio Commercials For Reprise Album Rs 6348 "A New Day" - Theodore Bikel (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (:60) (30,959)
Side 2: (:60) (Same Spot As Side One)
Reprise  Pro 339

Radio Commercial For Warner Bros. - 7 Arts Single - Wb 7311 "No One Is Going To Hurt You " - The Neon Philharmonic (7" Promo Ep) (Mono)
Side 1: (:50) (9572)
Side 2: (:50) (Same Spot As Side 1)
Warner Bros. - Seven Arts  Pro 340

Radio Commercial For Reprise Album Rs 6347 "Memories" - The Vogues (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,960)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:60)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:60)
Reprise  Pro 341

Radio Commercial For Reprise Album Rs 6354 "Ella" - Ella Fitzgerald (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (:60) (30,961)
Side 2: (:60) (Same Spot As Side 1)
Reprise  Pro 342

Radio Commercial For Reprise Album Rs 6343 "Birthday Blues" - Bert Jansch (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,962)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:60)
Reprise  Pro 343

Radio Spot For Reprise Album Rs 6367 "The Don Ho Tv Show" - Don Ho (7" Promo Ep) Mono
Side 1: (:50) (30,963)
Side 2: (:50) (Same Spot As Side 1)
Reprise  Pro 344

Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6338 "I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am" - Dean Martin  (7" Promo Ep) Mono
Side 1: (10,964)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:60)
Band Three: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side One)
Band One: (:50)
Band Two: (:60)
Band Three: (:50)
Reprise  Pro 345

Radio Spots For Bizarre Reprise Album Rs 6356 "Hot Rats" - Frank Zappa  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,969)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Reprise  Pro 347

Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6359 "The Belle Of Avenue A" - The Fugs  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,970)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Reprise  Pro 348

Phil Austin,  David Ossman
Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6366 "Arthur" - The Kinks  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,989)
Band One: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Band Two: (:50) [David Ossman]
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Band Two: (:60)  [David Ossman]
Reprise  Pro 349

Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6360 "Stand Up"  - Jethro Tull  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,985)
Band One: (:60)  [David Ossman]
Band Two: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:60) [David Ossman]
Band Two: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Reprise  Pro 353

Phil Austin
Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6368 "Then Play On" - Fleetwood Mac  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,986)
Band One: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:50) [Phil Austin]
Reprise  Pro 354

David Ossman (Unconfirmed)
Radio Spots For Reprise Album Rs 6364 "These Things Too" - Pearls Before Swine  (7" Promo Ep)
Side 1: (30,987)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Side 2: (Same Spots As Side 1)
Band One: (:60)
Band Two: (:50)
Reprise  Pro 355

The Firesign Theatre
7 / 1970
Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers  - The Firesign Theatre  (Lp)  (8t)  (Ct)
[Poster Insert W/Lp]
Written And Performed April And May 1970
Produced By The Firesign Theatre With Bill Driml
"Shoes For Industry" Produced By James William Guercio
Engineering By
Bill Driml With Jerry Hochman And Phil, Sy, Willie, George, Ralph, Alex, Jack, Jack, Eric And Glen
Music Performed By
The Firesign Theatre, With Thaddeus Warrick And The Mindermast Mental Music Hall One-Man Sympathy Orchestra, The St. Louis Aquarium Choraleers, Anna-Lee Austin, Jane Dansie, Tiny, Elisabeth Plumb, John Kinick And Cathleen O'mara, And By The Android Sisters, Pomona, Covinaand La Verne, Featuring "Little Bubles" On Tenor Sax, All Under The Direction Of Mr. Procmer.
Useful Ideas By Bill Malloch
Wake-Up Lady And Bird Stylings By Anna-Lee
Ambient's Noyes Choral:
Linda, Tiny, Carol, Steve And Charlie "The Drummah" Hrumah-Rumah
Cover By Robert Grossman
Back Cover Photos By John Rose And Elisbeth Plumb
Poster Photos By The Little Guys
"Oh, Blinding Light", "The Rough-As-A-Cob March", And Peorgie's Song" (From Paranoid Picture's "High School Madness") Copyright By Espeseth Music Music Music (Ascap)
Side 1:
This Side (22:16)
Side 2:
The Other Side (24:12)
Columbia C 30102(Lp), 18c-30102(8t), Ct-30102(Ct)

This Side/ The Other Side  - The Firesign Theatre (7"  White Label Promo R Ep)
(Picture Sleeve) (Stereo)
Side One:
This Side (5:03)
Side Two:
The Other Side (5:15)
Columbia Ae-30

This Side  - The Firesign Theatre (7" 1-Sided White Label Promo R Ep)
(Picture Sleeve) (Stereo)
Side One:
This Side (5:03)
Columbia Ae-34

Zachariah  - Soundtrack - Various Artists  (Lp)
Album Produced By Bill Szymczyk
Musical Coordinator Bill Szymczyk
Music Scored And Conducted By Jimmie Haskell
A George Englund Production
Starring : John Rubenstein, Pat Quinn, Don Johnson
Co-Starring: Peter Bergman, Phil Proctor, Country Joe And The Fish, The James Gang, Doug Kershaw, The New York Rock Ensemble, White Lightin', William Challee (As The Old Man), And Introducing Elvin Jones (As Job Cain)
Written By Joe Massot And Philip Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, Philip Proctor, Known As The Firesign Theatre
Co-Produced By Lawrence Kubik
Produced And Directed By George Englund
Distributed By Cinerama Releasing Corporation
[Wrote Dialogue That Appears On The Following Tracks]
 Side 1
3. We're The Crackers - Country Joe And The Fish (4:07)
Side 2
2. Camino / Used Horse Salesman (2:41)
4. Gravedigger - The New York Rock Ensemble (4:21)
6. Matthew (2:37)

I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus   - The Firesign Theatre (Lp) (Lpq) (8t)
Rewritten From Recycled Materials And Reproduced April - June 1971
Produced By The Firesign Theatre
Engineered By Bill Driml And Phil Cross
Performed By
The Firesign Theatre With Tiny As "Ann", And Annalee As "Mickey" And Sheiah & Amanda, Gai & Tracy, Bill & Joan, Jon & Katherine, Alizon & Devin, Oona, Richard, Annie, Stephen, Edgar, Jill, Mikeand C.D. As Bozos, Boogies And Beaners, And With Phil And Bill, Two Canteen Ladies, Two Gaurds Named Joe, Kenner, And Dan The Electrician Speaking For The Future
Album Photography By John Rose At C.D. Taylor's Xmix Studios
Music Copyright 1971 Espeseth Music Music Music 9ascap)
All Other Material Copyright 1971 4 Or 5 Krazy Guys Publishing
Side 1
Side .001 (20:55)
Side 2
Side .002 (18:15)
Program 1
Side .001 (Part 1)
Program 2
Side .001 (Conclusion)
Program 3
Side .002 (Part 1)
Program 4
Side .002 (Conclusion)

[Quad 8t]
Program 1
Side .001
Program 2
Side .002
Columbia C-30737, Cq-30737(Quadraphonic), Ca-30737(8t), Caq - 30737 (Quadraphonic 8t)

The Holygram's Song / Mr. President   - The Firesign Theatre (7" 45 Rpm Promo R S)
Side A:
The Holygram's Song (1:49) (Intro :03) (Jzss 155553)
Side B:
Mr. President (2:46) (Intro :03) (Jzss 155554)
Columbia Ae-7-1022

Playback  - Various Artists  (7" 33 1/3 Small Hole Promo Ep)
[Sleeve & 4 Page Insert W/ Blurb And Photo Of "Bozos" Lp Cover]
Side 1
2: The Holygram's Song (1:55) - The Firesign Theatre
Columbia As-7-1026

Dear Friends  - The Firesign Theatre (12 R Lps)
#1 Live At The Ash Grove (Originally Broadcast 11/15/1970)
Side One:
P.B. Intros Freddy Earth
Dr. Memory
Tongue Exercises (P.P.)
Religious Items
Rap On Cartoon Men Dagwood & Jigs
Segue > Drunks
Letter From Tokyo
American Koan
Egyptians (P.B.)
F.T. Anniversary
Joke Contest
P.B.'S Close
Last Chord Of Music
Side Two:
Shaky Open
Music Break (Silhouettes)
P.P. Bit
Hole Earth Estates
Teenie Weenies
Vaudeville Act
Georgia Island Story
Don G. O'vanni Spot (40 Great Unclaimed Melodies)
Thanksgiving Piece (The P.A. Encore)
President's Names Rap
Thank You

#2 Power Is Trouble & Trouble's Not Funny (Originally Broadcast 11/1/1970)
Side One:
Satie Opening
Animals In Army
Glaubner's Disease
Dr. Spitz & Dog
Dying Pig
Party Lecture
Dr. Memory Show
Citizen X Reviews Ft Album
Giant Toad
Mark Time
Mission Inn
Early Farming
P.A. - P.B. Coal
D.O. Coal
Coal Improv
Moon Worms
Amoeba To Oil
P.P. Speach
Side Two:
Bbq Chanters
Police Records
Leg O Crow
"What's So Funny" Jokes
Willie Sutton
Morning T.V. Guide
D.O. Book Report
P.B. -P.A. On Book Reports
Questions For Kids
P.P. Announcement
Harmonica Solo
More Kids Questions
News Items
Pa Reading
D.O. Whole Earth Poem
Indian Land

#3 I Could Always Shoot Him With The Camera (Originally Broadcast 10/4/1970
Side One:
Equipment Trouble
Japanese Miniature T.V.S
Surrogate Mothers
President & Committee (Live From The Senate Bar)
The Greening Of America Discussion
Side Two:
Orson Welles Bit
Punter's Girls
Sound Effects War
Fresh Chef
Sex Jail
Sex Movies
W.C. Fields
Fdr And Hitler
P.P.'S The Mutt & Smutt Show

#4 Somebody Put A Mickey In The Ground Zero (Originally Broadcast 10/11/1970)
Side One:
Yale Distorts Tape (8:15)
Conk's Coal Ad
Rocket Scientists's Lunch
News Items: Sophia Loren, Fires, Agnew
Famous Comic's School
Child And Models At Mott's Miniatures
Can You Stop This
Side Two:
Opinion Research
The Chinchilla Show
Real America Items
Mixville Rocket News
Spud Commercial
Disaster Reports
Us Census
Writer's School Spot
Mutt & Smutt
Music Bit
The Compromise Atc

#5 All We Have To Fear Is Me (Originally Broadcast 12/9/70) (Afternoon Show)
Side One:
D.O. Intro
Toad Away Hymn
Book Of Punter
"They Heard Us Talking"
Pudy Valee
President's Songs
Lomesome Beet Song(O:14)
Navy Dress Regs
Heaves Of Hoove
P.P. As Fbi Agent
P.B. Kicks On Nix
Music Break
D.O. - Ad Billboard
P.P. Zen Story
P.B. Andalusion Dog
Pp Poem
Sodom And Jubalee
2 Idiots For Peace
Pauser's Manifesto
Dr. Tim In Algeria
Youthful Folly
Side Two:
D.O. Luie's Ad
P.P. Pavlov's Dog
Pooche's Beer Hall
Afternoon T.V. Guide
Watching T.V.
I Am An American
Luci & Desi
C.B. Demille Movie
Beer Ads
Music Break
Food Ad
Hoove's Dogs
Lavender Hoove
Fish War
Weather Report
Carozzi Pot Garden
Beaner Dealers
Gym Hs
Fod On T.V.
Nightinjail Jhs
G. Canyon Suite
Marvin Ratman
Recruiting For Fbi
Zen Story
Squash Outro

#6 Deputy Dan Will Find Us No Matter Where We Go (Originally Broadcast 11/8/1970
Side One:
Savings & Loan Spot
Beer Drinking
Tri-City Spot
Cock Teasing
Bears & Boars
Baliol Bros. Spot
The F(L)Ag
Aliens Spot
Hanging Athenian Gardens
Criogenics - Foster Freeze
Lucky Duck
News Items
Plane Bombings
Boys Books
Deputy Dan
Police Car
Amos & Andy
Side Two:
Baliol Spot
G. Washington Letter
Dr. Memory
P.B.-Operation Bootstrap
Fuse Of Doom
Baliol Spot
Tongue Exercises

#7 Was There A Cow On The Moon? (Originally Broadcast 11/29/1970)
Side One:
Barn Dance Opening
Peter's Birthday
P.P.'S German
Movie Score
Bird-Dog Song
Dik-Dik Story
Copper Smelting
Sex Problems
T.V. Guide Girl
P.P.'S "Bluff" Piece
Pain Pills
Brautigan Poem
Golgotha Discussion
Basket Boys
Gi Bills
Side Two:
Businessman's Lunch
Three Questions
Homosexuals And Doctors
Copper Smelting
War With The Cows
Message In Rocket Sequence
Rose In Spanish Harlem Music Trip
Men On The Moon
2-Minute Light
45 Seconds To Go...

#8 Being On Radio Is More Fun Than Watching Tv (Side One Originally Broadcast 10/18/1970) (Side Two Originally Broadcast 12/6/1970)
Side One:
Columbia School Of Broadcasting
City Of The Future
"Can't Say That On The Air"
Women's Shoes
Steel Hat
Dr. I.Q.'S Announcing School
The Curbfront Shysters
Pluto Water
Census Taking
Serman Continues
A Letter Disappears
Hitler's Umlaut
P.B. Spills The Coffee
Playback Of Spill
Sermon Continued
Side Two:
Negros A Go Go
P.A.'S T.V. Guide
Winnie The Pooh - "Eeyore's Birthday"

#9 Dr. Memory's Laff-A-While News (Originally Broadcast 1/10/71)
Side One:
Good News Items
News Opening
Production Code
Bear Story
Cops Broadcasting
Hippie Words
Offensive Words
More Cops
Old Postman
Jackie Globenfelt Story
Selma W. Selma Song
The Morgans
Gump Door(?)
Bringing Up Father
Baxter Ward On Fiji
Famous Speakers School
Car Wash Ad
Dr. Memory

Side Two:
Fiji Islanders
Welsh Accents
Prohibited Words
Greaso Practice
Cigarette Ads
Army Recruiting
Garden Club News
French Mother Goose Song And Story
Production Code Standards
Russian Book
Children's Zoo
Disapearance Of Animals
P.P.'S Grandfather's Letter
Mixville Rocket
George Put-Put News Ad

#10 (Hope You're Enjoying The) All Nite Images (Originally Broadcast 1/17/1971)
Side One:
P.B.'S Voice Prints Of The 60s Spot
P.P. On Concerts
Sleep Researchers
Truck Stop Cafe'
Cell Meeting
Mental Illness Statistics
Fighter Ace
Dall Show
Bottomless Hot Dog Stand
Professional Digester
Glutton's Church
The Pause
Roman Games Trip
"Doing His Thing" Bit
P.P.'S Ed's Restaurant Spot
Broadcaster's School
Jew In Palm Springs
Yale And Bimidji
Business Meeting: Priests
Help The Hoove Fund
Dialset Story
Negro Records
Duke Of Madness Motors Spot
Side Two:
Latin-Rocket Trip
First Buffalo
Extinct Animals
Ike Speech
State Of The Union Race
Big Bomb Scare
"The Young Polluters"
Hoove T.V. Series
Sex Mailer
And Dirty Pix
Sex On T.V.
Review Of "Trash"
The Talking Porpoise
Blind Kids Sniff Pot
Lady Driver
Russian Driver
Reminisences Of T.F.T.
Summer Police & Doctors Festival
Outdoor Sales
Crucified Tv
Truck Stop Reprise

#11 Welcome To Microorganism State Park (Originally Broadcast 1/24/1971)
Side One:
Jiver Intro
Melon Mtn. Opening
Technical Breakdown
Popularization Of Art
Saigon Yale Club
Jewish Times Story
Kung Fu Ad
Dr. Dog As Brickbreaker
Pet Pills At Fair
Kid Roundup
Kids In The Street
Gravity On Reds
Merc. In Fish
Pres. Punter & Color T.V.S
Rabbit Pellets
Beaners Scoring Weed
Cow Trip (The Cows Are Not Afraid Of The Dr.)
Dr. Whiplash Show
Bazerko Lounge Spot
Dear Nominee Set
P.B. In Holiday Inns
4th Record - Jim & Spade Nixon
Dr. Memory Set
Side Two:
Jefferson And The Mason(From 10/18)
P.P. On Sheep
D.O.'S Ecology Pitch
Tenner's Guide
Whiskey Law
Voices, Forest Growing
Witches Brew
Conquistador Club
Animals You Won't See
(Etc. A Mix Of All These To:)
Forest Fire Stories
"We'll Never Forget"
Clock Striking
Rent Parties
Robert Kelly Reading
Talk About The Poem
Dirty Words
Marijuana Scare - Replay
5 Min Light
Hollow Trees
Where Trees Come From & What They Are Made Of
Russian Poem To Sleep
Dr. Memory Tag

#12 Is This The Machine That Answers(Registers) No "N" Yes? (Side One Originally Broadcast 2/3/1971 And 10/18/1970) (Side Two Originally Broadcast 2/17/1971) (Plus F.T.'S Single)
Side One:
"Dead Air"
P.B.'S Mick Jagger Story (1:20)
Old Men-Vegetables
Rain Falling & Plants Growing
Judgement Of The Birds
Arm Band Plays "Rudolph"
Ascap Financial Report
"La Condicion Humaine"
Propane Car
Bing Crosby On Teens
Youth-Sex Games On Parade
"Paranoia" Piece
P.B.'S Andalusion Dog Poem
P.P.'S Statement Of Principals
P.A.'S Monte Cristo
D.O.'S Swing Music (From 2/17)
Station Break (Single)
Side Two:
"Rainin" Music Out
Cabin Rest. Spot
Yes & No Machine
Quotes And Questions
Ben Hur
Women In Wwii
New Money
Monastary In White House
Elkheart Trains
Laugh Track
Stanford Train Trip
Computors On Acid
Subway Tour Guide
"Mr. Prominent"
Forward Into The Past (Single)
Termites Eat Steel
Us Seal
Old Cars
Earthquake Farewell
Dear Friends

Phil Austin, David Ossman, (Phil Proctor?)
The Stars And Stripes And You 1917-1918  - Various Artists   (Lp) [Narration, Readings]
Produced By R. C. Raack & W. F. Malloch
The Writings Of John Dos Passos Read By - David Ossman
Other Voices - Phil Austin, Anna Lee Austin, Henri Vidal, Andre Wirt, Harry Pollard, Klaus Pringsheim, Wolfgang Rutkowski, Richard Mathews, Hugh Bushell, Elie Vidal, R. C. Raack, W. F. Malloch, Pigasus Ii
Original Voices In Recordings From The Time: Philip Scheidemann, Gen. John J.,Pershing, Gen.  G. Pedori-Garaldi, Marshal J. Joffre, James G. Gerad, Samuel Gompers, Willian Jennings Bryan, Pres. Warren G. Harding, James H. Heron
Singers Inclued: Henry Burr, Irving Kaufman, Arthur Fields, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, Al Jolson, Loius Graveure, Nora Bayes, Billy Murray, Peerless Quartet, Enrico Caruso, Morton Harvey, Orpheus Quartet, Collins And Harlan, Harry C. Browne
Comedy And "Actualities" By: A. H. Brooks And H. C. Ridout, J. R. Harrington And M. Scott, American Quartet, Billy Whitlock And Co.
Poetry And Prose By: James L. Hughes,  John Dos Passos, James G. Gerad. C. L. Dennis, Wiiliam Ii Of Hohenzollern, Charles W. Eliot
Music By: Wagner, Beethoven, Berlioz, Ives, Schelling, Sousa
Original Idea And Script By R. C. Raack And William E. Malloch
Script Preperation By Elinor Dawn Graham And Joan Michaele Yarfiz
Stereo Production By: William F. Malloch
Final Disc Mastering By: Gerald Zellinger
Front Cover Art By: L. Paden Prichard
Back Cover Art By: Joan Michaele Yarfitz
Front Label By: Georg Grosz: Christ In A Gas Mask
Back Label By: James Montgomery Flagg: I Want You For The U.S. Army
Text Set In Cambridge Type At Continuum Graphics By: Leslie Zador
Typography By: Robert D. Trogman & Rod Prowse Of Agency Alphabets
Material Used Was Drawn From The Collections Of Byron Bryant (Oakland), David Greer (Albany, Ca) W.R. Moran (S. Pasadena), William F. Malloch (La), And The Stanford Institute Of Recorded Sound (Palo Alto)
Copyright 1971 By Pox Productions, Ltd.
Stars And Stripes And You A Tragical-Comical History Of The War To End All Wars, Being A Montage Of Songs, Speeches, Vaudeville Routines, Faked "Actuality" Reports & Pro & Anti-War Poetry & Prose Recorded Mostly In The Usa During 1917-18, Compiled By Dr. R. C. Raack, Professor Of Histroy, Cal State College At Hayward, And Collated And Engineered In An Original Stereo Technique By William F. Malloch.
Based On Pt. 2 Of The Magnificent Nonsense, A Production First Broadcast On Kpfk-Fm, Pacifica Radio In So. Ca
Side One
Dies Irae: Palestrina Choir
Star Spangled Banner: Chicago Symphony
We Take Our Hats Off To You, Mr. Wilson: Peerless Quartet
Montage Of American Patriotic Music (Under) Meester Veelson
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier: Morton Harvey
Poem Of A Canadian Pacifist: James H. Heron
Let's Bury The Hatchet In The Kaiser's Head: Irving Kaufman
America Here's My Boy: Peerless Quartette
Montage Of American Patriotic Songs (Over) A Mother's Answer To A Pacifist: James H. Heron
Star Spangled Banner
When We Wind Up The Watch On The Rhine: Peerless Quartet
Kaisermarsch: Berlin State Opera Orchestra
James G. Gerard (Speech)
Kaisermarsch, Prelude To Lohengrin: Boston Symphony
Trumpet Fanfare
Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You: Irving Kaufman
America, I Love You: American Quartet
Our Country's In It Now: Orpheus Quartet
For Your Country And My Country: Peerles Quartet
James G. Gerard (Speech)
Hog Being Slaughtered
Stat Spangled Banner
Hog Squeals
Barnyard Sounds
How You Gonna Keep 'Em Donw On The Farm: Irving Kaufaman
Old Gray Mare
Uncle Sam Is Fighting For Liberty: Collins And Harlan
Arkansas Traveller
Johnny Get Your Gun: Harry C. Browne
It's A Long Way To Berlin: Arthur Fields
Indianola: Billy Murray
Let's Bury The Hatchet, Pig Sounds, Indianola
The Colored Recruit: Golden And Hughes
I Didn't Raise My Boy, Dont The Hand, Washington's Birthday
Sailor's Hornpipe,Cheering Crowd, Boat Whistle
Submarine Attack At Sea: Peerless Quartet
The Yanks Are At It Again: American Quartet
We'll Knock The Heligo Into Heligo Out Of Heligo: Arthur Fields
The Yanks Are At It Again
Singing Soldiers: James H. Heron
Tell That To The Marines: Al Jolson
The Singing Soldier
The Americans Come: Louis Graveure
Arrival Of American Troops In Paris
Bugle Calls
Stars And Stripes Forever
Battle In The Air: Camel, Morse, Collins
The Singing Soldier
Battle In The Air
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag: American Republic Band
Boat Whistle
Side Two
Boat Whistle, Cheers
William Jennings Bryan (Speech)
Henry Ford
A Victory Ball: New York Philharmonic
General John J. Pershing (Speech)
A Victory Ball
Samuel Gompers (Speech)
Marching Soldiers
A Victory Ball
On The Campus: Sousa's Band
A Victory Ball
Fairest Of The Fair: Sousa's Band
Washington Post March: Sousa's Band
Witch's Sabbath: Orchestre Symphonie Fantastique
Washington Post, Fairest Of The Fair
U.S. Field Artillery March: Sousa's Band
Marching Soldiers
Washington Post March
Stars And Stripes Forever
U.S. Liberty Loan March: Sousa's Band
Over There: Enrico Caruso
Over There: Nora Bayes
I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time: Henry Burr
Dies Irae
A Mother's Answer To A Pacifist
Over There: Nora Bayesa Victory Ball
Marching Feet
A Victory Ball
Over There
The Singing Soldier
A Victory Ball
Marching Soldiers
Marching Feet
Musical Montage Of The Stars And Stripes Forever, Dies Irae, A Victory Ball, Sound Of Beating Heart
Your Lips Are No Man's Land But Mine
Sound Of Shot, Sound Of Hog Being Slaughtered, Beating Heart
The Last Zeppelin: Billy Whitlock & Co.
Destruction Of Valhalla: London Symphony
Siegfried's Funeral Music: Royal Philharmonic
Good Friday Spell: San Francisco Symphony
Philip Scheidemann (Speech)
9th Symphony
Collage Of European Commentaries
Star Spangled Banner: Margret Woodrow Wilson
A Victory Ball, A Mother's Answer To A Pacifist, Taps
President Warren G. Harding (Speech)
Dead Man (Over) The Unanswered Question: Polymusic Chamber Orch.
Dead Man
Dead Man
The Unanswered Question
Sound Of Birds
High Wood
Sound Of Birds
Pox Productions Pox 101-2

Peter Bergman
A Child's Garden Of Grass (A Pre-Legalization Comedy)
 - (Uncredited)   (Lp) (8t) (Ct)
[Sings In The Shower, Wrote Lyrics]
Side One:
3. Creativity {"The Dirty Dog"}
Elektra Eks-75012(Lp), Et8 - 15012(8t), Tc5-51012(Ct)

The Firesign Theatre
1  / 1972
Dear Friends  - The Firesign Theatre (2lp), (8t), (Ct), (Rt)
[ Lp Inner Sleeve Cbs Newsletter W/Ft ] [Sticker On Shrink Wrap]
Some Of The Best From Their Avant-Garde Radio Religious Series
Written And Performed By The Firesign Theatre
Produced By The Firesign Theatre
Engineered By Bill Driml And Phil Gross
Broadcast Engineer And Audio Improvisor - Vaughn (The Live Earl Jive) Filkins
Broadcast Producer And Dear Friend -Bill Mcintyre
Front Cover Photos By Film Proctor, Tinted By Anne Garner
Inside Design And Tinting By Yamamoto Of Hollywood
Film Footage By Annalee
Back Cover Photos By John Rose, Tinted By Yamamoto
Copyright 1972 4 Or 5 Krazy Guys Publishing Co.
Side One:  [Lp] Program 1 [8t]
A Properly Religious Opening (18:32)
1. Toad Away (3:19) (From Show#5) (12/9/70)
2. Sodom And Jubilee (3:15) (From Show #5) (12/9/70)
3. Freezing Mr. Foster (2:38) (From Show #6) (11/8/70)
4. I Was A Cock-Teaser For Roosterama! (3:05) (From Show #6) (11/8/70)
5. Deputy Dan Has No Friends (2:28) (From Show #6) (11/8/70)
6. The Someday Funnies (1:56) (From Show #9) (1/10/71)
7. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Inqusition (1:42) (From Show #8) (10/18/70)
Side Two:  [Lp] Program 2 [8t]
The T.V. Set (18:44)
1. The T.B. Guide (5:50) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
2. 40 Great Unclaimed Melodies! (Live From The Ash Grove 11/15/70) (2:27) (From Show #1) (11/15/70)
3. The Chinchilla Show (2:39) (From Show #4) (10/11/70)
4. Live From The Senate Bar (If You Call That Living) (2:55) (From Show #3) (10/4/70)
5. Minority Street (1:11) (From Show #5) (12/9/70)
6. Dr. Whiplash (3:24) (From Show #11) (1/24/71)
Side Three:  [Lp] Program 3 [8t]
Animals Vegetables & Minerals (18:55)
1. Echo Poem (2:02) (From Show #10) (1/17/71)
2. The Small Animal Administration (1:54) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
3. The Giant Toad (1:04) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
4. The T.V. Glide (3:34) (From Show #5) (12/9/71)
5. Balliol Bros. (0:45) (From Show #6) (11/8/70)
6. Poop's Principles (2:25) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
7. International Youth-Sex On Parade (1:41) (From Show #12) (10/18/70)(?)
8. Brickbreaking (2:03) (From Show # 11) (1/24/71)
9) Coal! (3:00) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
Side 4:  [Lp] Program 4 [8t]
It's Sure Realistic! (17:54)
1. Duke Of Madness Motors (1:23) (From Show #10) (1/17/71)
2. Mark Time! (3:52) (From Show #2) (11/1/70)
3. Driving For Dopers (4:29) (From Show #9) (1/10/71)
4. Praise The Hoove! (2:22) (From Show #5) (12/9/70)
5. Bob's Brazerko Lounge (0:57) (From Show #11) (1/24/70)
6. $100.00 Ben (3:19) (From Show #11) (1/24/70)
7. Sleep (1:07) (From Show #11) (1/24/70)
Columbia Kg-31099(Lp), Ga-31099(8t), Gt-31099(Ct), Gr-30199(Rt)

40 Great Unclaimed Melodies / Live From The Senate Bar (If You Call That Living)  - The Firesign Theatre
(7" 45 Rpm  White Label Promo S)
From The Album "Dear Friends"
Produced By The Firesign Theatre
Side A:
40 Great Unclaimed Melodies (2:27) (Jzss 156330)
Side B:
Live From The Senate Bar (If You Call That Living) (2:55) (Jzss 156331)
Columbia Ae-7-1041

Mr. President /  Live From The Senate Bar (If You Call That Living) - The Firesign Theatre  (7" 45 Rpm Grey Label Promo S)
Side One From The Lp "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus", Side 2 From The Lp "Dear Friends"
Produced By The Firesign Theatre
Side 1:
Mr. President (2:46) (Intro :03) (Jzss 155554)
Side 2:
Live From The Senate Bar (2:55) (Jzss 156331)
Columbia Ae-7-1059

10 / 1972
Not Insane Or Anything You Want To  - The Firesign Theatre (Lp) (8t)
Produced By The Firesign Theatre
Written And Performed By The Firesign Theatre
Engineered By
Bill Driml, Phil Cross, Mark Friedman And Miguell Morales
Philip Proctor - Violin, Vocals, Percussion, Wood Flute, Thunder
David Ossman - Vocals, Percussion
Peter Bergman - Alto Sax, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Phil Austin - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals
Tiny - Vocals, Percussion
Annalee - Organ, Piano, Vocals
Michael C. Gwynne - Drums, Percussion, Flute
C.D. Taylor - Acoustic Guitar
Bo May - Brand New Tenor Saxophone
Cyrus Faryar - Bass
Album Photos - The Dok, Bruce Wilson, Lee Greathouse
Music Copyright Espeseth Music Music Music
All Other Material Copyright 4 Or 5 Krazy Guys Publishing
Side 1:
Not Insane (19:58)
Side 2:
Not Responsible (23:26)
Columbia Kc-31585(Lp), 18c-3158(8t)

The Firesign Theatre (-Pa, Do)
11 /27/ 1972
A Firesign Chat With Papoon  - The Firesign Theatre  (Promo Lp)
[Interviewed By Steve Marshall From Knx - Fm La]
Side 1:
Side 2:
Post Election
Columbia As-41

Peter Bergman, Phil Proctor
Tv Or Not Tv   - Proctor And Bergman  (Lp) (8t) (Ct)
A Video Vaudeville In Two Acts
Produced By Steve Gillmor
Written And Performed By Proctor & Bergman
"Nasi Goring" Written By Bergman & C.D. Taylor
Engineered By Bill Driml, Ret.
Assistant Engineers - Ken Caillay, Ed Barton
Remix - Steve Gillmor
Arrangements - Proctor / Bergman / Gillmor
Keyboards - Anna Cheverton-Drury
Bass And Electric Guitar - C.D. Taylor
Drums And Percussion - Michael C. Gwynne
Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar - Robin Batteau
Horns & Woodwinds - Tom Scott
Dobro - John Abbott
Voices -
Sheilah Wells, Anna Cherverton-Drury, Edina Gillmor,
Pirate Kids - Edgar, Anna, Mike, Christopher, Allan, Sheilah, Ken, Bill, Liz, Robin, Kate, George, Stevie, Pete, Phil, & Krishna
Recorded At Wally Heider's Studio 4 In February, 1973
Design - A. Garner
Photography - E. Russell
"Communist Love Song" Published By Moscow Music
"Nasi Goring" Published By Pete's Modern Music
All Other Selections Published By Moscow Music & Pete's Modern Music
Side 1:
Act One
Insert Here (1:26)
Channel 85 Sign-On (1:14)
Escaping From The Declining Fall Of The Roaming Umpire, Chapter Xiii (5:05)
Police Lineup (1:06)
Salute My Boots (1:57)
The Channel 85 Story (1:03)
Cirque Internationale (3:31)
Communist Love Song (3:58)
Side 2:
Act Two
Channel 85 Reply (1:38)
Tobor Radar Robot (1:25)
The Pills Brothers On Drugs (:56)
The Mz Information Society (3:51)
Bring Us Together (:25)
Nasi Goring (2:50)
Our Lady Of The Torch (:28)
Emergency Alert (1:35)
Emerging Fall Of The Roaming Umpire, Program Vii (4:19)
Give Up This Day (1:30)
Channel 85 Sign-Off (1:07)
Insert Here (:46)
Columbia Kc-32199(Lp), Ca-32199(8t), Ct-32199(Ct)

Communist Love Song (Pp) / Nasi Goring (Pb) - Philip Proctor And Peter Bergman  (7" 45 Rpm S) (7" 45 Rpm Promo S Mono)
Produced By Stephen Gillmor
Side A:
Communist Love Song (2:40) (Intro :15) (Jzsp 157578)
Side B:
Nasi Goring (2:04) (Intro :10) (Jzsp 157579)
Columbia 4-45833

The Firesign Theatre
How Time Flys - David Ossman  (Lp) (8t)
[ Lp 3-D Diorama Insert]
A Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Comedy Starring The Firesign Theatre
Produced By Steve Gillmor
Written By David Ossman
Directed By David Ossman & Steve Gillmor
Engineer - Ken Caillat
Remix - Steve Gillmor
Starring :Philip Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin, Wolfman Jack, Harry Shearer & Penny Nichols
Co-Starring : Lew Irwin, Helena Kallianiotes, Jock Livingston, Tiny, Sheilah Wells, Anna Cheverton-Drury, Richard Paul, Jon Knoll, Steve Gillmor, With Mike Rozsa, Scott Weintraub
David Ossman As "Mark"
Side 1:
Mark's Awakening (4:40)
The Years In Your Ears (6:30)
Tweeny And The "The Welcome Home" (10:55)
Manny "Shortstop" And Lady Ann (2:05)
Side 2:
Consumer Instruction Section (2:10)
Mark, Mr. Motion And The Memory Loops (8:05)
Emergency Program Overide (5:55)
The Systen Versus The Black Hole (:45)
Program 1:
Mark's Awakening (4:40)
The Years In Your Ears (Part 1)
Program 2:
The Years In Your Ears (Conclusion)
Tweeny And The "The Welcome Home" (Part 1)
Program 3:
Tweeny And The "The Welcome Home" (Conclusion)
Manny "Shortstop" And Lady Ann (2:05)
Consumer Instruction Section (2:10)
Mark, Mr. Motion And The Memory Loops (Part 1)
Program 4:
Mark, Mr. Motion And The Memory Loops (Conclusion)
Emergency Program Overide (5:55)
The System Versus The Black Hole (:45)
Columbia Kc-32411(Lp), Ca-32411(8t)


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