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~ From 1995 to 1999 ~

This compendium to the Firesign FAQ site is without a doubt the MOST complete collection of Firesign Information.

Compiled by Frederick C. Wiebel with Chris Palladino (of Firezine)



early 1995
"ANYTHING YOU WANT TO" (CDRP) - The group was writing and planning a CD Rom version of Shakespeare's Lost Comedy with the script, footnotes, and videos of scenes and critics.
3 / 27, 28 / 1995

"(PIZZA HUT COMMERCIALS)" (RT) - The group recorded 4 'Nick Danger' oriented radio spots for Midwest broadcasts of a new product, 'stuffed crust' pizza. This was the first time the 4 had recorded together in a studio in almost 15 years. Aired in April, May, June.
5 / 1995

OUTRE' #2 - "FIGHTING CLOWNS TO THE RESCUE" BY GREGORY J. M.  CATSOS AND FREDERICK C. WIEBEL, JR., WITH CHRIS PALLADINO - (M) - The group was interviewed and featured in a 7 page article with photos for this magazine published in Evanston, IL.
summer 1995

VERBIVORE #2 - SUMMER ISSUE - "WHY YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THE FIRESIGN THEATRE" BY JEREMY BRADDOCK - (MZ) -  The group was featured in this article for this magazine.
late 6 / 1995

"THE TICK" - "THE TICK IN LAS VEGAS" ("TICK VS. RENO, NEVADA") - FOX NETWORK - (TV) - The group provided voices of hench-creatures for this episode.
8 / 1995

"HOW CAN YOU BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE WHEN YOU'RE NOT ANYWHERE AT ALL?" - THE FIRESIGN THEATRE - SONY / LEGACY CK-9884 - (CD) - The group's second album was released on CD by Sony in their Comedy Classics series on Legacy, with the original graphics.

10 / 1995

"VIDEO MOVIE GUIDE 1996" BY MICK MARTIN & MARSHA PORTER - (B) - The group and individuals are cross-indexed in this paperback guide , published by Ballentine, that lists the available movie videos they've appeared in.

10 / 15 / 1995

DISCOVERIES - NOVEMBER 1995 # 90 - (MZ) - "FIRESIGN THEATRE" BY FREDERICK C. WIEBEL, JR. - The group was featured in this 14 page cover story with extensive interviews by Gregory Catsos, Chris Palladino, and Fred Wiebel, and complete discography for this record collector's magazine printed in Waupaca, WI.
11 / 22 / 1995

"BACKWARDS INTO THE FUTURE" EDITED BY FREDERICK C. WIEBEL, JR. - (B) - The group was interviewed individually by Fred Wiebel, Jr., Chris Palladino, and Gregory J.M. Catsos from 8/94 - 8/95 and printed in a  popular and deluxe limited edition of 50 in Hagerstown, Md.

11 / 22 / 1995
"THE 8 SHOES TRACK RECORD" COMPILED BY FREDERICK C. WIEBEL, JR. - (B) - The groups recordings were listed with photos of Lp jackets and labels and printed in Hagerstown, MD.

11 / 22 / 1995
"THE FIRESIGN THEATRECHRONO-HISTOGRAPHY" COMPILED BY FREDERICK C. WIEBEL, JR. - (B) - The group's individual and collective careers were listed for this publication printed in Hagerstown, MD.

c. end 11 / 1995
"MARTIAN SPACE PARTY" - (M) - The group's movie was transfered to video from a 35mm print by Steve Gillmor released on video by More Sugar MS - 005.  

c. end 11 / 1995

"NICK DANGER IN THE CASE OF THE MISSING YOLK "- (V) -  The trio's video was re-released on video by More Sugar MS - 004.

12 / 1995

VANITY FAIR - (MZ) - The group was featured on page 116 as part of a comedy influences tree.

c. end 1995
"THE HOLEY SCRIPT FOR ANYTHYNGE YOU WANT TO" - (WP) - The group continued work on this project by announcing two versions to be printed: a deluxe collectors edition, and "The Coarse Book", a popular edition.

c. end 1995
"DON'T CRUSH THAT DWARF, HAND ME THE PLIERS" - (CD) - A special signed limited edition was planed, utilizing the horded last 100 copies of the Mobile Fidelity release.
2 / 1996

"MARTIAN SPACE PARTY SHOOTING SCRIPT" - (MP) - The group's first movie's script was posted on Steve Gillmor's online home page.

 2 / 2 / 1996
"THE TICK" - FOX NETWORK - (TV) - The group recorded voices in LA for another episode of this animated series.

2 / 10 / 1996
"THE TICK" - "TICK VS. RENO, NEVADA" - FOX NETWORK - (TV) - The group played henchmen to Mr. Smartypants, the Kirk Douglas sounding talking dolphin, and other characters. Austin has the biggest part as a fish salesman, and Ossman voices a slot machine in this animated super hero spoof series.

MOJO MAGAZINE - (MZ) - "WADDAYA MEAN YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THE FIRESIGN THEATRE? - BY  ANDY GILL - The group was featured  with the back cover of "How Can You Be" in a half a page highlighted article in this slick paper magazine from England.
c. spring 1996

"DAVID OSSMAN'S TIME CAPSULES" - (CT)- The Firesign, Austin and Ossman appear on this compliation tape of various radio appearences released on OTHERWORLD MEDIA - OMW 1996/1.
c. 4/1996

"THE PINK HOTEL BURNS DOWN" - (CT) - The group's compilation tape was worked on to be released by More Sugar in Sept.

c. 4/1996
"A COMPANYON FOR ANYTHYNGE" - (CT)  (CD-R) -  The group's augmented, footnoted, and fauxcademic controverses script was being recorded individually for a Sept. release as a double cassette tape and possible CD-Rom demo.

c. 4/1996
"USA MEAN TIME" - (RP) (CD) (CT) - Ossman's sequal to "How Time Flys" featuring the entire group was written as 15  10 min. segments and proposed for radio syndication and possible double CD and cassette.
FALL 1996

"GOLDMINE COMEDY RECORD PRICE GUIDE" BY RONALD L. SMITH - (B) - The group and the individual's records are critiqued and vauled in this record collector's price guide.


BILLBOARD - "REISSUES MARKET MIND BY SPECIALIST LABLES" BY CHRIS MORRIS - (M) -  The group is  mentioned on page 102 in an article on comedy reissues in this national trade publication

10 / 29 / 96
"FIREZINE" - (MZ) - The group's official magazine edited by Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr. was released, and published in Hagerstown. MD.
12 / 16 / 1996

"EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG... ABOUT THE FUTURE" - (R) - The group writes and records an 7 min. segment for NPR's Weekend All Things Considered to be broadcast 12 / 28. Ossman records his material at his home and the others gathered at KCRW in a 9 hour session to complete it.
1 / 4 / 1997

"EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG... ABOUT THE FUTURE" - (R) - The group's segment is broadcast.
2 / 26 / 1997

("APRIL FOOL") RADIO TODAY - (RP) - The group assembled in an LA studio to record 10  pieces for the nationaly syndicated service and were relaesed on CD for subscribing stations.
2 / 26 / 1997
MT&R SEMINAR - (TP) - The group conducted a seminar in radio programming for the Museum Of Television and Radio in LA.
4 / 1 / 1997

"RADIO TODAY" - (R) -  The group's  fake commercials and news breaks are broadcast over this nationally syndicated radio service.

7 / 21 / 1997

"GINSBERG'S AMERICA" (TP) - The group participates in a tribute to deceased poet Alan Ginsberg by performing "Le Trent-Huit Cunegonde" which contains lines from a Ginsberg poem.
c. summer 1997 - 2 / 1998

"THE MARK OF BOZO" - (CD) - The group begins to write a new tentatively titled album for Rhino Records. Other considered working titles included "Cool Shades In Hell", "Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death", "Unconscious Village".  Ossman comes down to LA for several days at a time as they work between commitments.
c. late 10  / 1997 - early 2 / 1998

(RHINO ALBUM) - (CD) -  The group spends approximately 20 days writing on the new album at Proctor's and Bergman's homes.
1 / 23 / 1998

(RHINO MEETING) - (   ) - The group met with the staff of Rhino records to map out plans for the new album, working title "RadioNow" adopted.
2 / 4-6 / 1998

"(RHINO ALBUM)" - (CD) - The group begins recording the new album at Sunburst Studios.
2 / 23 / -  4 / 1 / 1998

"(RHINO ALBUM)" - (CD) - The group writes and records the new album at Sunburst Studios.

3 / 3 / 1998

("RADIONOW") - (CD) - The group lays down music beds for the album
4 / 23 / 1998

(UNCONCIOUS VILLAGE / RADIONOW) - (CD) - The group finishes the album by mastering it at Pacific Coast Sound Works in LA with Mark Waldrep.

- The new CD (Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death) was broadcast on 'Net Radio' and hosted by Richard Fish of LodeStone. The Group was interview live before and after the CD was aired.
9/8/98 - The original release date for the new CD GMIOGMD
9/15/98 - The delayed release date for the new CD GMIOGMD


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