The Firesign Theatre-eBay History

It's interesting, as you read through the ebay list. The newer CD's of Firesign Theatre seem to be more in demand that the older LP's. I find, also, that many Firesign records are going with out ANY bids at all!

The Big Book of Plays, and The Big Mystery Joke Book continue to go for $50, $60, even $70.

The highest I've seen is Phil Austin's "Roller Maidens From Outerspace" for $202 and the rare FST original 12 "Dear Friends" LP's going for around $250 a piece! While the lowest was "Dwarf", which couldn't even cough up a $3.50 first bid (surprising, since this is the most sought after title!). The trick to getting that eBay item (and cheap) is... well, that would be telling!

Anyway, check here for a history of what these items have been going for, so you don't get burned. Chances are, the item you want will show up again.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a several month sample of a very busy Ebay/Firesign time, and a good selection of prices to use as a guide for what you *might* expect to get for your items.

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